My 1st DNF and 1 Star Book of The Year

Well, it finally happened. I read a book I could not finish, as well as another that received a 1 star rating. A quick perusal of my Goodreads page will lead anyone towards the correct conclusion that I generally rate books between 4-5 stars, because I rarely subject myself to a book I think I might never enjoy. However, I went in blind, reading both of the aforementioned books without researching, and this was the result.

One of the books, The Art of Being Normal, has been on my TBR for ages, so it’s a miracle I never did seek out any non-spoiler reviews where I might have gleaned even a hint of whether I’d enjoy it or not. If I had though, I would have realized it wasn’t a book for me, because it was a non- OwnVoices hot mess, to put it frankly. However, I was fooled by the beautiful rainbow cover, and so here we are. As for the other, The Keeper of The Mist, I picked it up at random from the library, and the synopsis immediately grabbed my attention, so my hopes were high. However, xenophobia was rife in it, and therefore no longer something I wished to consume.

This is not to say, however, that I am not pleased with the outcome. Despite the terrible ratings I gave, I am thankful to have read these books, because one – they were both published roughly 3-4 years ago, and after knowing the majority of their contents, it is easy to see that publishing in YA is transitioning to something somewhat better, even if it’s at a snail’s pace in certain aspects, and two – I will now advocate even more strongly for OwnVoice novels of all sorts, including my own future ones. There are moments in life that shape us, and I believe reading these books was another one for me.

Sugar Is Not Fly…

I never thought I would seek out veganism as a choice, nor did I foresee myself yearning to go on a whole foods, plant based diet at least 90-95% of the time, but here we are. After a chain of events on July 29th, 2019, this is where I’m at in my vegan journey.

Since July 8th, I’ve been a dietary vegan. While I’ve researched a fair bit, I still have copious amounts of research still to do. Even so, I’ve managed to eat well enough, for the most part. I’ve even been active, which was something that occurred before I became vegan, but it is much easier now, I will say. Overall, I’ve done well, and the results I’ve felt and seen are enough for me to continue with this lifestyle for the unforeseeable future.

With that being said, a few nights ago, I consumed some homemade vegan cake, which did have vegan “butter”, sugar, and dark vegan chocolate. I had a small amount, but that mattered little to my body, which took that as an invitation to subject me to a number of symptoms afterward which had me rethink added sugar, and processed foods overall as being a part of my diet.

Before I began eating a plant based diet, I could not fathom leaving added sugar out of my diet, or carbs, for that matter. Pasta, as much as chocolate, ranch, bread, or even cheese, have been parts of my eating habits for as long as I can remember. However, if this year has proven anything to me, it’s that I can do more than I thought, and I should never say never.