This Meatless Monday, and Every One After

There are a number of labels or adjectives that one could use to describe me. This month I’m adding a new descriptor – vegan.

Last month, I began the process of transitioning from the omnivore I’ve been since I took up eating “real” food, to becoming a person who not only shirks meat, but also honey, eggs, dairy, and any other product that includes any animal’s unwilling contribution to it. If the person I was last year knew what I’ve done, they would be appalled. This older version of myself though is happier, healthier, and grateful that I’ve made the leap.

While I cannot say I am fully vegan yet, I’m getting there. As someone who grew up in Texas, where meat and dairy is consumed in large quantities, going cold turkey was NOT an option. I managed to do it for about two days, before I almost quit, which is not where I wanted to find myself a few months or years later. So, I resumed a mostly vegan diet, until I reach a time where I am able to have transitioned out all that is not vegan.

At the point of writing this, I’ve not eaten meat in over two weeks, and whole eggs in about a week. I gave up honey a while ago, due to the sugar content. However, dairy is probably the one that has taken the longest. I will say, even though I had some yesterday by accident, as a restaurant I ate at did not heed my request that milk not be added into my Thai tea, I prefer non-dairy alternatives to actual dairy, now. Despite the set backs I’ve had though, I’m making great progress towards leaving a less painful footprint on the earth as a whole.

With all of that being said, this past month has given me a break from the blog, as well as some time to think. The journey into, as well as the sustainment of the lifestyle, veganism will not be without its hard ships, mishaps, or fantastic moments. That is why, I’ve decided to begin chronicling those on this blog under the category title: Barely Vegan. Posts will be on “Meatless Mondays”, and discuss a variety of topics related to veganism as I experience and learn more. I look forward to sharing more on this topic. I hope whoever reads about it will enjoy it too!

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