Allow Yourself To Fail

Often times collectively as humans, we are all so intent on success that we forget what it is to reach it. To succeed is to also have failed. Without failure as a teacher, how can we know what it is to do better? Refusal to become complacent in repeated failure is where growth happens, and eventually triumph. However, first, there must be errors, followed by acceptance of the knowledge each one has given, which will then lead to the creation of a foundation to build triumph upon.

This is a concept that I personally struggle with, as I am impatient. Over the years though, I’ve become more adept at accepting blunders and then working to make certain they never happen again. Even now, with regards to writing, as well as life, it is a fact that at times I find hard to accept in the face of a freshly made mistake. The truth is though, without my past losses, I would not have known how to go forward and create a better future for myself.

I do not seek failure, nor advise anyone else to, but it is inevitable in life. When met with it, one must acknowledge it, learn from it, and then move on. Otherwise, to become so consumed with the past is the road to future failure, rather than new achievements. So, permit yourself to fail when necessary, rather than dwell upon the loss, use the information gained instead to execute your goals more effectively the next time around.

One thought on “Allow Yourself To Fail

  1. I’m with you – it’s hard to accept failure but the path to success is paved with failure, right? I always like to see those inspirational quotes about how many times so and so failed before making it. At least you know you’re not alone when even Steve Jobs got fired from Apple πŸ™‚

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