A Month of Organized Writing

Here we are, thirty-two days into the year, and I have made it a solid month of writing every single day. With the help of careful planning and effort towards productivity, I managed this. It was not always easy, but it was worth it.

As of now, I am still working on finishing my novel outline. I managed the bulk of it in January, which is a massive feat, considering everything that I had thrown my way. My goal is not to rush, but to construct an outline that will guide me well as I write the first draft of the book. Were I to rush the culmination of it, I might end up sacrificing quality for speed, which is not something I desire to do.

As far as the blog, I exceeded my expectations here, in the end. Although, despite my best intentions to craft a schedule that would allow me to ease into the rhythm of posting three times a week, what I had mapped out looked more like a mountain than a molehill, when I began. However, that schedule, ever flexible and changing, has served me well on my journey to become a more strict and methodical writer.

My newfound organization has given me the freedom to create in my own time, without sacrificing what I love doing outside of writing. With my newly minted work ethic intact, and the ideas flowing fluidly from mind to page, I enter this new month with the goal of continuing this trend.

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