Chechnya On My Mind

While I do believe that positivity is vital, I also acknowledge that there are times where it is all but impossible. This week, following Holocaust Remembrance Day on the 27th, I am somber, but also fearful. Despite what claims based upon evidence have been made, the Chechen government refuses to admit to the atrocities they are rendering against LGBT+ people. Their hate-fueled bigotry is reminiscent of the Holocaust, and I cannot help but worry for those innocents involved, and others who may one day find themselves victim to the worst sort of humans that our world has to offer.

Last year, I became aware of the cruelty in Chechnya, and it crushed me. One of my favorite authors of all time, Jodi Picoult, said to write about what scares you most. This, right here, is what terrifies me more so than anything else. This blind ignorance that those committing such atrocious behavior are engaged in, is only one part. The other is that by a vow of silence, certain portions of the world, are turning a blind eye, which denotes compliance. What does that say for the future of humanity? Sometimes, I fear the worst.

Despite my fears, condemnation of the actions of certain individuals in Chechnya is gaining traction. From the news, I have gathered that in London there was a protest filled with activists and allies alike, who took to the streets to put pressure on Theresa May, other governments, and the United Nations to take action, rather than remain complicit in the silence. As far as I know, here in the states, we have had nothing of the sort, but I wish we would. Likewise, there was a Twitter hashtag, eyesonchechnya, and a growing number of people who have tweeted it to inform others of what horror has been happening beyond the Chechen borders. Unlike last year, the word is spreading in rapid time now, as more information is brought to the forefront.

This is not my typical blog post, but I cannot remain silent when there may be a slim chance of my spreading the word helping others. It is my hope that one day, such violence as this will be obsolete, and should it take place in the future, the entire world will then condemn it the second it occurs. Until then, I will continue to speak out against any and all forms of it, because we are all people, and deserve to be treated as such.

There is a petition here that is well over half full, but it could still use more signatures.

There is a campaign to raise money for those needing financial aid to flee from this cruelty.

For those who may need it, The Trevor Project LifeLine number is 1-866-488-7386.

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