The Road Ahead

The new year has dawned, and now a day later, the fanfare has disappeared. Gone are the festive streamers, and out come the stark truths that we might not have been able to face until the afterglow of festivities had vanished. Whether it be that calories actually do count every day of the year, or that money really doesn’t grow on trees, we all have our own demons and detriments to face now. As for me, mine is that I need to take my own advice; consistency really is key.

With that being said, I’ve thought about this blog often, and whether or not I should chuck it. It was a serious consideration I had for a while. At least, until I thought on the idea some more.

The title of this blog is not “writerisperfect”, it’s “writermeetslife”. I named it that way nearly 4 years ago because I wanted this blog to be an accurate depiction of my trials and triumphs on the way to becoming a published author. If I were to omit my years of struggle with consistency, then it wouldn’t honestly reflect my life leading up to the moment I have dedicated my creativity to for over eleven years now. I would be nothing more than a glossed over version of myself on social media, which is not how I want to be.

So, in conclusion: this blog is staying. I will post about twice a month, at the bare minimum. Depending on where I am in my novel, and life, it may be more. Who knows? I sure don’t. Regardless, the point is that in 2019, I will continue to move forward towards my goals, because time waits for no one.

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